Which is the Best Nursery School in Gurugram (Gurgaon) 2022?

Play is the highest form of research

Albert Einstein

Nursery or Preschool is the initial stage of children’s development where their overall learning and development is combined with play.

What is the importance of Nursery Education?

Nursery education is an important step towards building a child’s emotional, social, and personal growth and development. When a 3-year-old spends time with other adults, in this case, the class teacher, they develop a sense of trust with people around, other than their parents. Nursery or Preschool gives children structure, where they learn about the importance of sharing and learn new things which enhances their personal growth. Also read – Best School for Nursery Education in 2022: The Paras World School India

Indeed, a child takes their first step at home, however, in a preschool continuous socialising with the children and teachers boosts their communication skills. They become more aware of their surroundings, which transforms their mental images into languages which they start to construct in thoughts and knowledge, and convert them into information. In school they are taught through role-plays, storytelling, and read-aloud sessions that help in building their vocabulary, thereby enhancing language and speaking skills. Also read – Importance of Arts in School Education

Other than communication and social skills, symbolic thought, another important aspect of cognitive development, takes place in preschool.

What is Symbolic Thought?

It is the ability of a child to mentally or symbolically understand and represent objects, actions, and events in the surroundings. For instance, teachers can make them play activities like pretend play, drawing, guessing the objects, and speak-it-out-loud objects. Also read – The Face of Education in 2022: 3 Things to Look Forward

Many researchers believe that preschool education or nursery education is of utmost importance. Children who are taught necessary aspects of life at an early stage are believed to have better social skills, fewer behavioral issues, and of course, better grades. Therefore, nursery education is very important for a child’s overall development and growth. If you are looking for the best nursery school in Gurgaon (Gurugram) then The Paras World School India would be a perfect place for your children to learn the important aspects of life. We take extra care of our little geniuses, and our dedicated teachers make sure that each and every child is handled personally so that they are nurtured properly. The foundation has to be strong if you want to build something solid that withstands the ups and downs of life. Also read – Games Can Effectively Enhance Learning Process