Our Vision and Mission- The Paras World School Gurgaon

Our Vision

The Paras World School India aims to strive ceaselessly to empower students for evolution towards the highest aspirations of life.

Our Mission

The Paras World School India will continuously upgrade infrastructure, educational technology, and pedagogy to provide many opportunities for overall development of its students so that they:

  • Place service before self.

  • Strive for excellence in all undertakings.

  • Explore diverse interests to find and pursue their own passions.

  • Develop understanding to maintain balance in life.

  • Cultivate abilities to adapt to fast change and restore harmony in the world.

  • Preserve own cultural heritage and appreciate and respect other cultures.

  • Promote environmental conscientiousness.

  • Acquire knowledge in temporal contexts to develop ethical beliefs and become active, responsible national and national citizens.

  • Become proficient communicators in local and global contexts.

  • Admissions Open Pre Nursery Onwards