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At The Paras World School India, We understand that just textbook learning is never enough and hands-on training plays a huge part in impactful understanding of the child. Our Grade VI students learn about computer hardware using the CPU of a smart board and a Laptop.

Our students had an exciting and enriching experience during their field trip to the Post Office, Police Station and Fire Station. It was a great learning experience for our students as they interacted and learnt how these people work and help us to live a safe and comfortable life.

The students simulated a trip to the grocery store to purchase items and ingredients needed to prepare a healthy meal and snack. Empty cartons/boxes and wrappers of food items were placed on the table and they were encouraged to choose foods from different food groups.

“Students explored texture and finger painting along with origami ships to compose a semi 3D composition of a sailing ship. This activity emphasized on vocabulary and words such as sea weeds, sail, turquoise and enhanced their brush skills”

Every NewYear comes with renewed hope, at The Paras World School, India our students reflect on the year gone by and identify areas where they wish to make a change. New Year Resolutions renewed once again!!!

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