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Inquiry Based Learning

The Paras World School India education aims to inculcate skills for 21stCentury, in a world creating new knowledge at lightning speed. Students need the skills to understand the new and unknown independently and challenge, refine and evolve personal beliefs in the new light.

Inquiry-based learning begins with a significant question relevant to the student’s own life in a universal context. As one of the top international schools in Gurgaon,  The Paras World School is geared to ensure that the student engages actively in a process of research to find answers and formulates a personal world view rather than being a passive recipient of inert information.

Skills for 21st Century

The spirit and process of inquiry are enhanced and nurtured by rich opportunities for exploration, building hypothesis and experimenting to develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in our skill development labs. An inbuilt life skills program also instills social, self management and communication skills.

Thematic approach

The Paras World school we use a thematic approach wherein acquisition and application of knowledge, principles and values is integrated simultaneously in more than one subject through interdisciplinary curriculum planning. The Thematic approach culminates with each child collating and documenting the process of arriving at knowledge and skills and outcome of learning in a personal theme booklet which is an authentic record of the student’s growth and development in all dimensions. This approach has earned us the reputation of being a thought leader in child development amongst CBSE schools in Gurgaon.

Technology Integration

Today Information Communication Technology has become what the pen and pencil were in the previous century. 

Along with writing, technology is an ubiquitous tool anywhere and every where and mastering its use has become as integral to school education as learning to write. ICT is integrated and used in all areas of learning.

Environment is the third teacher

It is one of the most respected and renowned education approaches all over the world and more so by international schools in Gurgaon . Every child has the right to get the best. Every child is capable of learning. We just need to create an environment where children are inspired to use their hundred languages and explore whatever the environment offers them.

At The Paras World School India, we ensure environment in class and outside as an integral part of the everyday learning process.

Making Learning Visible

Inquiry based learning will become visible in original creations, considered choices, knowledgeable decisions, changed responses to situations, new approaches and attitudes, formation of authentic personal beliefs and worldview.

So, a student’s learning is assessed in conventional and unconventional evaluation but more importantly in the spark of further curiosity that leads to another and yet another inquiry in a lifelong process. The objective of Making Learning Visible is now practiced in leading schools in Gurgaon as it creates sound learning with understanding, and empowers the student with confidence to take responsibility for self and the environment.

Multiple Intelligences

Wide spread research (Howard Gardner) and experience (yours and ours) have shown unequivocally that no two individuals are alike; each one functions in a unique combination of intelligences.

With an understanding of principles underlying the approach of "Multiple Intelligences" used in Education, The Paras World School India strives to enhance individual talents and capabilities for maximisation of individual potential and expose each one to different talents of others for effective communication and understanding.

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