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25Feb 2019
Top 5 Skills Every Student Must Have in the 21st Century

The entire dynamics of the modern world has changed and it is set to transform even further. Accordingly, a student’s curriculum in school must be designed to help him/her fit perfectly into the future, hand over skills that can actually be of use and develop abilities of the new challenges of the 21st century. The […]

18Feb 2019
Science, Commerce or Arts – How to Choose the Right Stream?

The all-important question that all students must answer after their CBSE class 10 board exams is what stream to choose after. Although the number of options is only limited to three, the decision is without a doubt difficult. This step will be the starting point of your life-long career, your choice now will determine the […]

12Feb 2019
How to Tackle Cyberbullying

The menace of internet connectivity, the darker side of technology. Cyberbullying has uncontrollably exploded in the past few years with the easy accessibility and connectivity over the internet. When unattended, the problem quickly escalates to serious levels where the student becomes averse towards education and school, and the issue threatens the child’s very existence. The […]

08Feb 2019
Parent-Teacher Relationship and How it Shapes a Student’s Education

Parents and teachers share equal responsibility for a child’s development. Be it academic or psychological, students spend most of their time under the influence of these very adults and it naturally makes sense that parents and teachers regularly exchange notes. What a teacher observes while teaching a subject to a student may not be visible […]

04Feb 2019
8 Healthy Habits at Home that All Students Must Follow

The activities and habits that students follow at home tend to mirror itself in their school performance. Good habits lead to better knowledge consumption while a poor home life makes them tired and groggy at school. Hence, it is important that students are put under a positive schedule, closely monitored by the parents, so that […]

26Jan 2019
top 10 school in gurgaon 2018

Every study, every research, that has been carried out for years on has always come to the same conclusion, irrespective of the country or type of school. The sole parameter that defines a school’s quality and effectiveness of its student’s education ultimately comes down to the teachers that the institute houses. The facilities available or […]

15Jan 2019
top best school in gurgaon

The environment that children now face before they actually arrive in schools has seen such a radical transformation in the past few years that the current scenario almost demands a curriculum revamp. Whatever schools focused on for their pre-primary students previously do not work now. Children come with certain skills already in their bags and […]

13Jan 2019
top 5 preschool in gurgaon

A school is an educational institution where students go to build their life’s principles along with their academic knowledge. A positive environment here will allow the children to thrive, build values and become better citizens. However, if the ambiance is hostile, unsafe and threatening at every instant, the very purpose of schooling takes a wrong […]

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