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Every study, every research, that has been carried out for years on has always come to the same conclusion, irrespective of the country or type of school. The sole parameter that defines a school’s quality and effectiveness of its student’s education ultimately comes down to the teachers that the institute houses. The facilities available or […]

The environment that children now face before they actually arrive in schools has seen such a radical transformation in the past few years that the current scenario almost demands a curriculum revamp. Whatever schools focused on for their pre-primary students previously do not work now. Children come with certain skills already in their bags and […]

A school is an educational institution where students go to build their life’s principles along with their academic knowledge. A positive environment here will allow the children to thrive, build values and become better citizens. However, if the ambiance is hostile, unsafe and threatening at every instant, the very purpose of schooling takes a wrong […]

Curriculum richness translates into complete education. There is hardly any debate on the matter that students perform better when exposed to a diverse academic atmosphere. Schools are centers of learning and the term ‘learning’ must extend to personality development as well. Textbooks can advance education only to a certain extent, but it is the surrounding […]

The alarm to modify the school’s curriculum to suit the ever-changing needs of the 21st century has been sounding for quite some time now. Education systems around the world are fast transforming to include generic skills, modern competencies and technological know-how to make students ready for the years to come. In fact, the best schools […]

The competitive nature of the modern world often forces students to cut down on their spare time and fill it with studying. While the importance of academic excellence is undeniable, it is also humanly not possible to remain continuously involved in work. The transition from a lower grade to a higher one brings along some […]

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