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Developed during the post-World War II period in a small Italian town called Reggio Emilia, the concept of this pedagogy was fairly simple – to hand the power of education to the children. Almost 6 decades down the lane, the Reggio Emilia approach has gained worldwide fame due to its success in academics, training the […]

The learning technique of collecting information and memorising them is truly obsolete. Context of learning is important. Why must a student read a topic? How will he/she benefit from knowing the same? Inquiry is where all education begins and it must exist in the classrooms as well. The curriculum of the top CBSE school in […]

The practice of mentorship is still to find its proper way into the Indian education system even when the strategy is known to have helped almost 4.5 million students worldwide in some form or the other. The task of a mentor is to guide an entire institution, step in with experience when things go off-track […]

Safety in schools is never a secondary option. A hostile environment limits growth and will divert a child away from education. Every negative experience during the growing phase can leave a permanent psychological impact that may culminate with something drastic in the future. So, apart from maintaining a safe infrastructure and investing in all the […]

The physical space that your child is exposed to effects each and every one of her actions. Consequently, the lessons she consumes from those experiences constitute her learnings. The same principle is applicable to her education space. Be it her classroom or her home study, a proper ambiance will boost her capabilities to absorb knowledge […]

Exams inherently create stress among students. Be it the high expectations or the pressure to perform, your heart starts to beat at a massive rate immediately from the time you receive the question paper. Your panic-stricken mind gives up its ability to analyse the situation logically and you become prone to making simple mistakes. Mistakes […]

The entire dynamics of the modern world has changed and it is set to transform even further. Accordingly, a student’s curriculum in school must be designed to help him/her fit perfectly into the future, hand over skills that can actually be of use and develop abilities of the new challenges of the 21st century. The […]

The all-important question that all students must answer after their CBSE class 10 board exams is what stream to choose after. Although the number of options is only limited to three, the decision is without a doubt difficult. This step will be the starting point of your life-long career, your choice now will determine the […]

The menace of internet connectivity, the darker side of technology. Cyberbullying has uncontrollably exploded in the past few years with the easy accessibility and connectivity over the internet. When unattended, the problem quickly escalates to serious levels where the student becomes averse towards education and school, and the issue threatens the child’s very existence. The […]

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