Why Must Schools Have a Mentor On-Board?

The practice of mentorship is still to find its proper way into the Indian education system even when the strategy is known to have helped almost 4.5 million students worldwide in some form or the other. The task of a mentor is to guide an entire institution, step in with experience when things go off-track or lay the right foundation from the very beginning so that the entire academic structure can run in a manner that would benefit the whole society. A mentor in school can be anyone but having a separate post altogether shows the determination of the institute to prioritise education.

So, what difference does it make to have a separate mentor? Why do the best CBSE schools in Delhi Gurgaon always have a veteran educator on board? The answers are so obvious that they often skip the logical mind and the pros of the post tend to go neglected. The entire educational ambiance of a school changes with a mentor on the team as help is always available wherever necessary.

Mentor’s guidance extends to the school’s management, teachers and students

Everyone benefits, directly or indirectly. An experienced academician can help the school management to invest in the right infrastructures, design a proper curriculum and maintain an efficient hierarchical flow among the entire staff. Similarly, the school’s faculty can have individual or group discussions with the mentor to sharpen their teaching skills, understand the needs of the students better and get improved resources for their specific subjects. Lastly, the students can be exposed to the vast knowledge of the mentor either via direct interaction or trickling down from the management and the teachers above.

Guidance from the school’s mentor appears in both tangible and intangible ways. Libraries will have better books, classrooms will have better information. The entire school functions at a levelthat is higher than the normal merely due to the presence of an experienced mentor. Everyone knows about the mistakes they cannot make, identifies the right paths before the journey and follows a curriculum that is only beneficial. The mentor is seasoned by the industry over the years. He/she will naturally keep the next generation away from the known loopholes.

Education is more directed and targeted with the mentor overseeing

Nothing moves forward without a destination. The mark of a top institute in the list of CBSE primary schools in Gurgaon lies in the fact that the teachers approach a classroom specifically based on the student’s requirement. Education can be inquiry-based but the teachers must ask the right questions. The motive might be to impart skills, but the teachers should identify the learning and connecting capacity of each student. Such an intuition can only come from experience and the wealth is always available in the form of the school mentor. With the invaluable guidance, teachers can direct their information in the right manner, in a way the students can consume.

The same concept applies to the students as well who will continuously seek the purpose of education while moving forward through the grades. Every class will bring a new set of choices for the children and they will start picking their favourite subjects and decide on a career. A mentor’s help is very much required during thisphase to clear out the confusions and make informed decisions. Students can take their questions to the mentor to understand their choices, explore their options and pick a path they feel is suited for them. A mentor, without any added responsibility of the school, can give each student the necessary time to discuss and the child is sure to come out enlightened.

The impact on everyone is priceless

The mentor can turn the students to future leaders. Current teachers can gather experience and become future mentors. School’s management will always have an educational perspective in their decision-making and the institution will grow to unattainable heights. The impact a mentor on-board will be visible from outside in the school’s performance, enthusiasm and ambitions. Students will willingly come to school, teachers will take their passion to teach and every other staff will work around to make the institution a better place. The core educational axis will be solid with the mentor serving as the vital links.

And The Paras World School India, featuring as the top 3 schools in Gurgaon, identified the value of having a mentor from the very beginning. Veteran educator and teacher, Ms. Paramjit K. Narang, is available on-board of the TPWSI team in her full capacity as a guide to the entire institute. Her experience in the educational field is vast, expanding over 40 long years, and she brings her entire wealth of expertise to the school’s premises. Naturally, such schools are beneficial for all students and teachers alike as the umbrella over them is unmatched.


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