6 Initiatives that Schools Must Take to Ensure Children Safety

Safety in schools is never a secondary option. A hostile environment limits growth and will divert a child away from education. Every negative experience during the growing phase can leave a permanent psychological impact that may culminate with something drastic in the future. So, apart from maintaining a safe infrastructure and investing in all the available technologies, schools must go a step further and take safety initiatives to solidify the entire security process. Threats to students can come from varying sources now and the authorities must be prepared to deal with each and every possibility.

  1. Every corner must be monitored by both cameras and personnel

There simply cannot be any blind spots. Both technology and manual have their own set of limitations and the top ten CBSE schools in Gurgaon will always lay out a security plan so that one can complement the other. The institute can have a central control room where all the cameras can feed its data while security personnel can be stationed at places where the cameras cannot reach. Entrances and exits to all classrooms and washrooms should be monitored along with strict surveillance of the school’s boundary walls.

  1. Adult supervision at all possible times

The teacher-to-student ratio can never surpass the optimal figure. A small number will allow the faculty members to keep a watchful eye on all students as they are in direct contact with the children most of the times. Teachers must have training in child psychology to pick up any miscreant’s activity from the student’s body language, offer help to someone in distress or act at the mere possibility of any threat. Even the non-teaching staff of the school must have sufficient knowledge to maintain substantial safety.

  1. Every member of the school must undergo a thorough background check

Starting from the principal to the guards, every staff must show an acceptable background record before receiving an appointment to the school. The check must include both personal and psychological profiles and the top 30 schools in Gurgaon will go to the very extent to verify the sanity of their employees. There should also be provision for periodic profile check-ups just to ensure a further level of security. The staff must understand the necessity of such procedures and willingly participate for the students of the school.

  1. Regular workshops to train students to defend themselves

This will establish a solid safety hierarchy throughout the school’s chain. The institute must conduct regular workshops and sessions to teach its students about the right and wrong. There must also be training about the steps the children must take, people they must contact or evade the situation effectively. Being prepared and privy about the threats will prevent the students from committing them themselves and also remain calm if they become the victim. Periodic drills can also be an option to further the lessons.

  1. A clear chain of communication among all

Most wrongdoings go unnoticed simply because the victim did not know whom to contact. Schools must not allow such a communication gap to exist within their premises. Teachers should be at an accessible distance to the students, there must be a friendly relationship so that opening up is easier and even senior students can have the responsibility to look after the safety of their juniors. Schools must have disciplinary bodies with members from all levels and every person of the institute should be able to get in contact with them whenever required.

  1. Lastly, parents should be actively involved as well

Even though the school’s security measures are air-tight, there is always a possibility of an undetected leak. For instance, in the case of cyberbullying, both the victim and the tormentors can belong to the same school and the incident may very well happen outside the school’s premises. Yet, its effect will creep into the institute’s premises and threaten student safety. Parents are the student’s guardians outside the school’s campus and when they are privy about such scenarios, they can work to restrict them. Hence, it also a school’s duty to actively involve the children’s parents to maintain all-around security.

All of these initiatives go beyond high-tech security installations. They may appear trivial but their effects are massive. The Paras World School India, one of the top CBSE recognised schools in Gurgaon, follows all such measures to close all security loopholes and hence have been effective in maintaining unmatched safety within their premises. The school establishes children safety as their primary concern and goes to all extents to ensure it. After all, schools are like second home to children and they must be safe to deserve the title of home.


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