Does Your Child’s Learning Space Affect Her Knowledge Consumption?

The physical space that your child is exposed to effects each and every one of her actions. Consequently, the lessons she consumes from those experiences constitute her learnings. The same principle is applicable to her education space. Be it her classroom or her home study, a proper ambiance will boost her capabilities to absorb knowledge while a dull one will inhibit her academic growth. The best CBSE school in Gurgaon 2018, therefore, gives extra care in designing their classroom aesthetics and you must give the same amount of attention to your child’s room as well.

Things cannot be placed at random. All posters cannot be educational. No decoration that goes up can ever become a distraction and colours cannot overflow from every corner. In fact, the study space must modify itself as your child grows up and the furnishings must change accordingly as it happens in the school classrooms. Take a not of the following necessities that your child’s learning space must have, whether in school or at home and make sure they are properly maintained. The mind is known to make automatic connections to the physical environment while learning and things have to be right there.

Adequate amount of natural light

Sunlight increases productivity, irrespective of your child’s age. There must be windows of substantial size to allow the flow of natural light, if not direct sunlight, and no decoration should be blocking it. This will improve the air quality in the space as well which will result in health benefits to your child. Arrange her desk just beside the window, place a lamp to aid the natural light and allow her a view of the outside. You will notice that the classrooms of the top 10 schools in Gurgaon 2018 are designed in this manner.

Hang your child’s work on the wall

Instead of buying posters and paintings for your child’s room, frame your own child’s work and display it in her room. This will serve as an inspiration to her and she will naturally stay motivated in every task that she picks up. And when her visitors come in and appreciate her work, her encouragement will receive even more fuel. She will try to better her present work, develop herself automatically and strive for things bigger. Again, with time, change her past wall-poster with her current work or keep all to show your child her improvement.

Keep adding books to the bookshelf

Do not expect your child to read all but never stop surrounding her with as many books as possible. You may arrange for a small shelf in her room or keep a separate one in your living room. The motive here is the same as that of a school library. The sheer number of options available will send signals to her mind triggering her curious side and she will remain attracted towards consuming more knowledge. She will have better focus while studying, will always be hungry to learn more and pick up books instead of video games.

Surround her with her interests as well

This is where a balance must work. Your core motive while designing your child’s educational space may be to increase her productivity, but everything cannot be about academics. An overworked mind can never function properly, an overload of information can cause the brain to choke. Hence, your child’s room must also have things that interest her apart from education. It can be a comic character, a music player or a cupboard filled with her childhood toys. The necessity for the mind to rest is primary.

Lastly, maintain silence

Children are inherently curious and the tiniest bit of noise can start a chain of distracting thoughts in their minds. Take every step to isolate your child’s room as much as possible from your main living room which is almost always busy. She must have complete silence while studying, no form of noise can reach her and disturbance must be kept to a minimum. The best 5 schools in Gurgaon, therefore, have their campus away from the urban humdrum, make sure no two classrooms are too closely attached and silence is always maintained as much as possible.

The Paras World SchoolIndia respects the impact that a child’s physical space can have on her learning. The school has placed its infrastructure keeping in mind the student’s psychology and serves as the perfect example to all who seek to keep their child’s education at the forefront. So, start restructuring your child’s room today, seek out schools who are experts in this field and give the budding student the aesthetics she needs. Space is always vital for proper growth.


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