Top 10 Mistakes All Students Make During Exams

Exams inherently create stress among students. Be it the high expectations or the pressure to perform, your heart starts to beat at a massive rate immediately from the time you receive the question paper. Your panic-stricken mind gives up its ability to analyse the situation logically and you become prone to making simple mistakes. Mistakes that cost you marks even when you were thoroughly prepared.

This post list 10 such common mistakes that all students tend to make in the exam hall. If you can identify with any of these, take corrective action instantly before heading for the all-important boards. The top CBSE schools of Gurgaon will train you but you must also practice all along.

  1. Using the reading time just to read

You get a full 15 minutes in your boards to read the question paper. And unfortunately, most students use this time just to read. You must go through the questions thoroughly, make your choices during this span and create strategies which questions to target first. This way, you will save a lot of time when you are supposed to write answers.

  1. Start the exam relaxed

With a solid 2-3 hours in front, students tend to begin writing their initial answers in a relaxed fashion. As time progresses, they pick up the pace and later suffer from time crunch. Instead, you should make a mental note of the total time you have and the amount you can give to each section. Start writing your answers accordingly as if you are always on the clock.

  1. Panic if you do not know a few answers

It can happen that a few questions are outside the text that you have studied. Or you are not being able to recall the answers at that very instant. Do not let panic find you and hamper your concentration. Remind yourself that there are other answers that you know and not scoring a cent percent is absolutely alright.

  1. Write exactly what was taught in class

The best school in Gurgaon ranking will always discourage this among their students. The purpose of the exam is to test your knowledge, not your memorising skills, and teachers expect you to right answers from your understanding. Give up this notion that the teachers will be impressed if you use their words. Frame answers in your own words.

  1. Leave the short answers for later

Students pick up this habit as they run out of time later. So, it seems easier to answer the short ones then. In fact, short answers can fetch you quick marks and you must target them right at the very beginning. When you know that you have broken even of the passing marks, your mind automatically relaxes and you can write better later.

  1. Confuse quantity with quality

A 5-marks question does not always require a two-page long answer. Teachers look for 5 solid points in your sheet to award you the marks. By writing generalised answers just to fill the pages and focusing on quantity, you are actually losing time. Pay attention to quality instead. Write according to the marks allotted and be very specific.

  1. Attempting essays without a plan

You naturally require a lot of time to write the essay in your grammar papers or long-type answers in other papers. But if you start immediately without a detailed plan, you will soon lose your track mid-way. Take 5 minutes before starting to jot down the topics you would like to focus upon. Then elaborate on them. The entire process will be a lot quicker.

  1. Jumping steps to finish early

This happens mostly in the numerical subjects. Students tend to skip steps to reach the answer early and can never find their way back if a mistake happens. You must write down all the steps you take, no matter how simple, and keep mental calculations to a minimum. Be thorough with the task at hand. Then think about the next.

  1. Not labelling your answers correctly

Or even not leaving adequate space between two answers. You cannot expect your teachers to find the relevant answer in your answer sheet and match it with the question paper. You must be very clear with the labelling. You can jumble up your answers and write in any order, but make sure to specify the distinction.

  1. Submit your paper without revising

Structure your total time so that you always have at least 5-10 minutes at the very end to go through your paper again. Keep an eye out of grammatical or spelling errors. The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon 2018 will always stress on this habit as it prevents you from losing unnecessary marks.

Institutes like The Paras World School India train their students from the very beginning to help them tackle their exams in the right way. Their board performance is proof of the quality the school maintains. Prepare your mindset on these lines, keep away from exam-hall mistakes and score the marks that you truly deserve.


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