Top 5 Skills Every Student Must Have in the 21st Century

The entire dynamics of the modern world has changed and it is set to transform even further. Accordingly, a student’s curriculum in school must be designed to help him/her fit perfectly into the future, hand over skills that can actually be of use and develop abilities of the new challenges of the 21st century. The conventional teachings have to be modified, modern learning techniques must be incorporated. The top private school in Gurgaon will ensure nothing but the best exposure for its students so that every child is equipped with all the necessary skills along with having an in-depth knowledge depth.

Aptitude in 5 areas must take focus. Schools must work closely with the teachers and parents to develop these skills as the students gradually advance through their grades. Each ability must receive distinct attention and the institutes must ensure that every student develops at least an average level of competence in all. The top 5 necessary skills of the 21st century include:

  1. Problem Solving

As the economy and technology advances, the problems are only going to get more difficult. Already, the basic mathematical and data-oriented issues are taken care of by the computers. Humans are now required to divert their energy to come up with new problems and find their solutions and this is where effective problem solving becomes so important. It demands the aptitude where a student is capable of connecting the dots, correlates multiple subjects, considers the physical environment and then presents a solution. Such a task is still far beyond the capabilities of a computer and hence possessing the skill is that much important.

  1. Self-management

In a landscape where people of different cultures are continuously interacting with each other without literally any boundaries, the skill of self-conduct naturally gains significance. In fact, big companies now primarily look into what they call emotional intelligence to evaluate an applicant’s candidature and weigh the behavioural side more than core technical knowledge. The capacity to blend in, proficiency of mixing with varying perspectives and the ability to control emotions during testing times are some of the most in-demand skills. Schools must, therefore, teach self-management in every way possible.

  1. Communication

Continuing on the lines where boundaries are constantly shrinking, the ability to communicate freely, properly and ethically must top the list. That too in a world where there is no dearth of platforms to express one’s opinion, all students must have superior communication skills not only for social existence but also for personal development. The top institute in the list of top ten school in Gurgaon will focus equally on all modes of verbal, written and expressive communication through all the available channels. Building these skills is asteady process and mastery can come only through regular practice.

  1. Creativity and experimentation

These are what that will make the machines less valuable than humans. In the schools, students must have the freedom to nurture their creativity and experiment with whatever is around. The best school in Gurgaon for nursery will bring in the necessary exposure right from the very beginning where the development will start by involving the students in fine arts. As they grow, their education will slowly be directed to the laboratories where the theoretical concepts can meet with the practical applications and learning can become experimental. Both creativity and experimentation are complementary. One tends to fuel the other.

  1. Critical thinking

The ability to question everything logically is not only a required professional skill but also a necessary life skill. Students must become rational. They should have the habit of not accepting everything at their word but analyse the surrounding circumstances. Critical thinking will keep them aware, help to find fallacies in conventional methods and adopt something better. The mind should remain scientific, reasoning should become a part of life. Such a group will become master negotiators, find better opportunities and reach further than their existing benchmarks. All these skills are necessary to survive in the modern world, all are the results of critical thinking.

The iSTREAMM approach of The Paras World School India is built around the above skills. Every student is fitted into a curriculum where one of the main missions is to develop abilities in them to endure the 21st century. Such schools also teach the aptitude to interconnect their skills where problem-solving and critical thinking arrive together while self-management and communication work in tandem. So, do not deprive your child of such an exposure. Play your active part, select a school that does most of your work and provide your full cooperation with the authorities to create your child’s bright future. The coming age is difficult, but not for the student with the right skills.


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