Science, Commerce or Arts – How to Choose the Right Stream?

The all-important question that all students must answer after their CBSE class 10 board exams is what stream to choose after. Although the number of options is only limited to three, the decision is without a doubt difficult. This step will be the starting point of your life-long career, your choice now will determine the degree you can follow in college and the stream you pick will govern where you land up professionally. For many, the choice will be made by the marks they obtain in their school or board exams but for those who clear the cut-offs, you must face the heat of decision-making.

And more often than not, students make their choice based on all the wrong parameters. They select their subjects out of impulse and regret later. Choosing among science, commerce and arts is really simple if you focus on the right variables and the top 10 schools in Gurgaon helps their students to decide depending on those. So, here are a few tips to enable you to select yourpick, the should-s you must focus upon and the should-not-s that you must discard.

  1. High marks do not make you fit for science

It is a socially acceptable norm that scoring high in your board exams naturally makes you fit for science. There is no denying that you will possess the capability to understand the complexities of the subjects associated, but you must also judge based upon your interest. If only mathematics excites out among all the science subjects, then commerce might be a better choice for you. Just because you scored well, there is no pressure to take up science.

  1. Evaluate your other options

Even when you are cent percent sure that science is what you want, there is no harm in looking into the other streams. Find out what subjects they involve, ask your teachers what career paths open up with those and consider for a few moments if the alternatives are intriguing you. By following this process, you will be entirely eliminating the other options and not have any regrets later when the going gets difficult with science.

  1. It is okay to make the wrong choice

There are students who live in the stress about making a wrong choice and later go on to make it anyway. The chances are high that whatever option you pick right after your class 10 boards, you may have to have to shift after you pass class 12. Hence, quality faculty as found in the top twenty schools in Gurgaon will tell you that it is absolutely alright to make the wrong choice. The smartness lies in identifying the mistake and making the shift.

  1. Do not decide based on peer pressure

Again, there are many students who pick science just because their friends are selecting the same as well. Basing your judgement on peer pressure will ultimately come back to harm you. Remember that your friends will not help you while studying the subjects or during exams. You will have to take care of them by yourself. So, if you are alone there, you cannot decide in a group. You must judge your own interests while selecting a stream.

  1. Find out about the available career options

This makes the decision-making process a lot easier. If you know which stream will lead you where, you can easily start walking down that path. Ask your teachers, parents or whoever you find as to what you can expect to become by selecting science, commerce of arts. Enquire about the job descriptions, what you are required to do and what is the lifestyle like. Pick your profession and then decide your stream.

  1. Be ready to face the academic pressure

Science tends to have a more rigid academic curriculum than the other two as you are required to juggle the competitive exam’s pressure along with your regular subjects. But this does not mean that commerce and arts students have all the freedom in the world. Get in touch with your seniors and ask them what the pressure is like. Then think if you can tackle it and live with it. Select a stream only then and build your mindset accordingly.

In the end, get as much help as you require and take your time to come to a decision. The top 30 schools in Gurgaon like The Paras World School India will provide you with all the resources necessary to make the choice. You can request for counselling sessions with the faculty, your teachers will give you the platform during parent-teachers meetings and you will have all the freedom to make an informed decision. Avoid running in headlong into a stream. Evaluate your options and make your choice accordingly.


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