How to Tackle Cyberbullying? 5 Effective Ways to Help Children

The menace of internet connectivity, the darker side of technology. Cyberbullying has uncontrollably exploded in the past few years with the easy accessibility and connectivity over the internet. When unattended, the problem quickly escalates to serious levels where the student becomes averse towards education and school, and the issue threatens the child’s very existence. The past only shows the grim stories where the victims have either become bullies themselves or take more drastic steps in the worst of situations.

But the internet cannot be kept out education. Neither can anyone always keep a tab on a child’s activities. Yet, there are ways in which cyberbullying can be pulled out from its very roots by maintaining the advantageous sides of technology intact. The best school in Gurgaon India becomes smart but also takes measures to keep its menaces away. A few of those effective steps include:

  1. Keeping a clear line of communication

Cyberbullying often gets overlooked due to unawareness and hence do not get addressed at all. Students who are the victims of the same will seldom come forward to report the case. They suffer from under-confidence, fear, self-loathing and more of such derogatory feelings which naturally causes them to coil into a shell. Hence, it is crucial for the adults around to identify such behaviours and maintain a comfortable line of communication. The schools can do this with experienced faculty or in-house counsellors who can help the victims to address the issue.

  1. Recognise what amounts to bullying

It also happens that what started as a simple joke became something more merely due to ignorance. Not all children intentionally bully someone else. A modest comment can easily become offensive if the child does not know its true meaning. It is the duty of the school to teach its students how to use the internet responsibly, what all amounts to the level of being offensive and the principle of respecting others. The top 10 convent school in Gurgaon will do these with the help of regular sessions, awareness programs, periodic discussions and much more.

  1. Actively involving the parents

Cyberbullying can very well happen from home or a simple family dispute can trigger a bullying instinct in a child. Hence, it is imperative for the schools to keep the parents in the loop at all times to monitor their own children and behave in front of them. A recent study in the US has shown that most parents hardly have any clue about their children being bullies or victims and do not know what action to take when the situation arises. Here, the schools must share their own expertise during parent-teachers meetings and discuss the cyberbullying issues irrespective of whether it is actually happening or not.

  1. Imposing internet rules on the children

While this may seem a little harsh but uncontrolled freedom is often the required seed. A student of primary school has no use of social media. A middle school child can have access with a few restrictions imposed which may become more relaxed with the senior ones. There are software’s that can effectively apply parental control and block away a few websites which will give the students as much freedom as necessary. Misuse should be stopped at all respects, both in school and house, and the internet should only be accessed for educational purposes.

  1. Laying out the consequences

Most bullies will refrain from the very act itself if they are aware of the consequences. The best schools will have strict rules laid out, keep it displayed at all times and actually implement them word-to-word when someone is found guilty. The same is applicable to parents as well where they must be clear with their children as to what will happen if they are caught bullying. The children must know the associated punishments, the unlawful nature of cyberbullying and the effects it has on the victims. Knowing the reaction of a mistake is that form of awareness which keeps away the mistake from happening in the first place.

So, while you are researching into the best school in Gurgaon with fee structure and its facilities, do look into the measures it takes to keep away such menaces. You will want your child to grow in a completely safe environment where no threat can come from any source. The Paras World School India is one such institute where the authorities keep every safety aspect in mind and are vigilant about cyberbullying. They give access to technology to their students but also employ the above measures to keep it safe. Every invention has its pros and cons. The top school will nurture the pros by eliminating the cons.


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