How can Senior Students Deal with Exam Pressure? 5 Valuable Tips

The forthcoming board exams are sure to cause some levels of stress among senior students and no one is immune to this natural effect. The high expectations, the importance of the results and a certain degree of peer pressure, all act together to cause the imminent exam stress. It may be widely known that a certain amount of stress keeps you going and is healthy for the situation, but this fact is nothing but an outright misconception. Stress puts your body into action mode where you do require functions like memory or focus. Naturally, your mind shuts down and hurts your true potential.

Only with a calm mind can you achieve the performance level you deserve and eliminating stress right from its very source if the answer to your anxiety perils. The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon train their students to tackle board exams stress-free and generally lay out the following tips for them to stick by. Every method has an underlying scientific explanation in reducing stress and are truly effective to the very extent.

  1. Remove any and all scopes of comparisons

It is good to be ambitious and have a competitive spirit but if the feelings escalate to the levels of creating stress, they are nothing more than self-harming thoughts. The con of group studying is that students tend to set higher benchmarks for themselves by comparing with someone else. The fear of lagging behind and the tendency to cover all are what allows stress to settle in. Right before the exams, you are your own competition. Work on your strengths and cover your weakness. Comparison will do no good to you.

  1. Get a regular dose of exercise

Rigorous physical movements eat away on some of the stress-causing hormones. Giving your body the activity it desires during stress allows your nerves to settle down and relaxes your mind. While it may seem sensible to invest that extra hour in studying that is instead going into exercising, the reality is just the opposite. Regular exercise will increase your productivity, keep you positive and ensure a fresh attitude. Your health will also stay intact that will naturally improve your attention span.

  1. Have something interesting to look forward to

Study breaks, a part of the routine by the top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon. It is humanly impossible for anyone to work continuously day in and day out and the times leading up to the boards become somewhat like that. You will feel the urge to study continuously for long durations, but this habit often backfires to harm your results. In your daily routine, keep adequate amount of time for something you really like to do. This will freshen your mind up and give you extra motivation to pull through the study hours.

  1. Never compromise on your sleep

Amidst everything, the primary entity that gets compromised the most is sleep. Forcing yourself to stay awake and consuming caffeine keeps your brain in a continuous panic mode. Even the smallest of triggers can start anxiety in you and you will find yourself being always on the edge. Sleep is when the whole body relaxes, reboots and prepares for what’s about to come. Getting less of it makes you less prepared for the work you kept for the next day. If you need eight hours of sleep a day, give yourself that. If its ten, that alright as well.

  1. Have a set plan and do not multitask

Not knowing what to do next can also cause stress. But laying out your task in front of your eyes and planning your days leading up to the exams can help you to stay calm. Stick to the schedule you prepare and avoid being flexible about the same. Multitasking or hopping between subjects frequently affects your focus as the brain takes some time to switch. Concentrate on the task at hand, finish it and then move on to the next. This way, you will feel accomplished which will naturally reduce stress.

Complete removal of stress is never possible but reducing its levels is what should matter. The Paras World School India, reckoned as one of the best CBSE School in Gurgaon, helps their students during the time of board exam preparations. Through the faculty members and regular sessions, the institute guides senior students to cope with exam stress and prepare with proper planning. The sports facilities remain open for daily access and students are given adequate opportunities they need to de-stress. The importance of board exams is undeniable but stress will only affect your performance. Address it, reduce it and give your very best.

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