The Learning Approach Schools Need to Follow in the 21st Century

The alarm to modify the school’s curriculum to suit the ever-changing needs of the 21st century has been sounding for quite some time now. Education systems around the world are fast transforming to include generic skills, modern competencies and technological know-how to make students ready for the years to come. In fact, the best schools are quick to pick up on the changing trends, foresee future trends and follow a curriculum that will create the right blend of academics and softs skills. The learning approach here will be in sync with the modern demands and the classrooms will facilitate a complete education.

Learning needs to be inquiry-based that encourages rational thinking

Lectures can no longer follow the traditional norm of textbooks and notes. The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon 2018 build their students to be critical and rational thinkers by encouraging them to raise out of the box questions. Every idea should be acknowledged, every perspective must be discussed. Teaching cannot remain with the world of books and multiple resources have to find its way into the classrooms. The faculty will have to come up with innovative techniques to deliver education and learning should be research-based. Inquiry-based teaching fosters active participation and better knowledge consumption.

Technology needs to be a crucial part of the curricula

Schools cannot keep technology out of education and core subject cannot work as an excuse. A student of arts should be as proficient with gadgets as anyone with a science major and basic knowledge of the upcoming technologies needs to be inculcated into all. Coding must continue to a certain grade and students must develop working knowledge about alternative energy resources, the techniques in use, robotics and automation, and so on. ICT is already a major part of our social lives and schools should teach its students about both sides of the coin. The next generation has to be tech-savvy along with appropriate awareness.

Students need to learn life-skills along with their academic subjects

Skills like innovative thinking, critical analysis, self-awareness, effective communication, emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial approach have long remained absent from the school’s curriculum due to the hurdle of being immeasurable. There’s no benchmark to decide whether students are learning these, no evaluation framework to quantify the end result. But these skills have become necessary for survival and personal growth and schools must come up with ways to teach these to students without focusing on the outcome. Simple approaches like bringing a cultural mix into the classrooms or personality development sessions can help plant the seeds from where advancement can happen depending on exposure.

Customised provisions for all types of learners

The best CBSE school in Gurgaon always identifies that each classroom is made up of students with unique capabilities who consumes knowledge at their own pace. Modern learning approach must facilitate for all and bring in innovative techniques to make education favourable. Integration of visual tools along with the conventional lectures can help both visual and auditory learners. To accommodate kinesthetic types, a part of the lecture can be project based on the inclusion of models. Similarly, the performers of the class need focused attention to advance their knowledge depth while the rest needs a toned-down approach to keep up the pace. Schools can no more follow the mixed tactic and individual attention must come to the forefront.

Application of the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy

This pedagogy is in perfect sync with the current standards wherein education is meant to be self-directed and experimental. The Reggio Emilia philosophy dictates that students must have control over the direction of their education, should be given a complete freedom to learn from their environment and encouraged to form a relationship with peers for better exploration. Knowledge should instil curiosity and the schools must provide the resources to feed the same. The ambience inside the campus should be academic where educational growth remains a priority through numerous channels. Such a learning approach holds unlimited potential and helps students to break new boundaries.

Creating a blend of learning and skills

And that is what 21st-century education should be all about. Paras World School, the best CBSE school in Gurgaon 2018, follows the iSTREAMM approach to learning which includes all the above-mentioned approaches. The institute encourages an inquiry-based education combined with technological integration, follows the Reggio Emilia philosophy, caters to multiple intelligences and inculcates modern skills. Only in such schools can students thrive and develop the necessary abilities to fit into the society of tomorrow. The world is continuously evolving and schools must transfer the ability to adapt to their pupils.

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