5 Club Activities all Students Must Participate In

The competitive nature of the modern world often forces students to cut down on their spare time and fill it with studying. While the importance of academic excellence is undeniable, it is also humanly not possible to remain continuously involved in work. The transition from a lower grade to a higher one brings along some inevitable academic pressure, but this only means that the involvement in other non-academic activities becomes all the more important. Resting the mind will help maintain the desired focus, improve levels of concentration and automatically improve educational performance.

In view of this, the top 20 CBSE school in Gurgaon will always expose the students to a host of club activities that are well beyond the boundaries of textbooks. The variety ensures that students have the freedom to choose their own path and explore their individual creativity. Among the many options available, the combination of the following 5 activities provide the best form of all-around development and create the perfect balance of benefits. Through these, students can not only go through an effective phase of personality development but also pick up a few life-saving skills.

  1. Art and Craft

Involving students in painting and craft work is known to foster their imaginative side. Through art, students can express their imagination without any hindrance and expression of their idea gets a creative channel. This effect directly gets reflected into their academics where they develop the habit to form new perspectives of particular knowledge, give it a rational angle and consume the information in its true sense. Experimenting with crayons and replicating the real world on paper creates environmental awareness, social obligation and leads to brain development.

  1. Dance – Indian and Western

The motor senses are responsible for the reflexes that students develop and often the mind finds it difficult to maintain a complete physical awareness. Dance flexes every muscle, improves hand-eye coordination and makes the children better aware of the surroundings. Development and maturity naturally come faster with this fine arts form and hence, the inclusion of a dance club is a must for all schools. The top 10 CBSE school in Gurgaon 2018 will provide for both Indian and Western forms of dancing which help preserve the country’s culture and also bring the necessary exposure of a foreign art form. Dance can elevate a student’s senses which can serve the child in a variety of ways.

  1. Non-fire Cooking

Schools can easily eliminate the fire hazard aspect of cooking and teach students this essential life skill. A cooking club will make students self-dependent, liberate them to survive on their own and tackle any unforeseen situation with greater maturity. Combined with a gardening club, students can buy their own seeds, grow the necessary vegetables and prepare meals sufficient for sustenance. Being self-dependent creates a heightened sense of confidence which mirrors itself in other personal tasks. Accomplishing anything new develops higher ambition and students can go for more unachievable goals.

  1. Technology

Being technically sound is as necessary as scoring well in exams. In this era where science is advancing at an unstoppable rate, no student can really justify the inability to use a gadget. A technology club in schools can expose students to upcoming developments and make them privy to the world of robotics and automation. If students come become comfortable with tomorrow’s world from a young age, they can easily fit into the future society. The hands-on experience will also help them to consume the present knowledge better and some may even come up with new ideas to venture out in the entrepreneurial path.

  1. Carpentry

Another activity that can make students self-sufficient and concurrently instil building skills. Carpentry can teach students the humility of creating their own things, living within the means of available resources and minimise wastage despite abundant availability. Students of primary and secondary levels can take part in wood-work under careful guidance and indulge in either creative tasks or constructing necessities. This again boosts confidence to the limit and teach the application of science to some extent. Engineering a product with their own hands can help students in unmatched ways.

The Paras World School India, one of the top institutes in the list of best CBSE schools in Gurgaon, has all of the above club activities available for students. Through these, the school strives to build the strength of imagination and inculcate invaluable skills. Extra-curricular activities compliment academic excellence and only such a curriculum can ensure the right development. So, allow your child to excel in all and bring home both grades and masterpieces.

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