Grand Success: Paras World School’s Annual Play was About Sending a Strong Message

Gurgaon, India, December 8 Dec, 2018: Paras World School, one of the premier educational institutes in Gurgaon staged their annual play successfully to an applauding audience and sent out a strong message about the current addiction to technology and gadgets. Named “A Tale of Time”, the play was directed by Farhad Colabavala, a well-known artist in the industry, and enacted by the school’s talented students. The audience, comprising of the school’s teaching and non-teaching management, parents, staff and others, coined the piece as a “grand success” and “thoughtful drama”.

“Technology has rapidly taken over our lives. We are now more hooked onto our phones and computers and spend little time interacting with our family. It has almost turned into an addiction and humanity needs saving.”, said one of the organising members on what has been the play’s inspiration. “Even children spend time on social media now and it seemed fit that students portray the current situation.”, she continued.

The story began with “The Guardians of Galaxy” comprising of Superheroes and Angels, with the task of reviewing planets across the galaxy. During the course of their review, they look at Planet Earth first in the year 1988 and then 30 years later, in the year 2018. During their latest review of planet Earth, they are introduced to the concept of Technology and its positive side which is highlighted to them by the One-eyed Angel. This is countered by the ‘Other Side of the coin’ angel’s perspective that shows them the Dark Side of Technology. When they descended to protect Earth, they are also caught in the addiction. The story concludes with a thoughtful and deep message, that technology per se is not bad but we need to find the right balance and don’t end as slaves to this tool.

“A captivating script portrayed beautifully by our talented teachers and students. They have worked really hard and it showed on stage.”, said a member of the school’s management present in the audience. “We strive to promote art in our school along with education. Today’s play was proof of how skilled our next generations are.”

“The response of the audience was tremendous and inspirational. We hope to continue this success year after year by putting up such deep and meaningful pieces through our students.” said another organiser.

About Paras World School

One of the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon, Paras World School believes in creating global learners and rational thinkers through their educational philosophy. The school stresses on a variety of extra-curricular activities apart from importance in academics. The annual performance of the institute continues to impress, yet it inculcates all the necessary non-academic skills among its students to become a successful citizen.

The school believes in learning experiences and has all the facilities for it. Their team of faculty is dynamic, the curriculum is rich and education here is complete.

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