July 2017 - Best CBSE School in Gurgaon Sector 50

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Children enjoyed a session on vedic maths by a guest speaker, Mr. Ashwani Aggarwal. They were introduced to the history of vedic maths and its usage in modern mathematics. The children were instructed on simple computational skills like multiplication with 11, squaring numbers ending with 5 and multiplication of numbers close to 100. It was […]

What a fun to spy numbers…. Children drew some interesting drawings and hid some numbers This activity improve children’s number skills to recognize the numbers with the I Spy Numbers riddle.

A presentation on certain artifacts created through circles were shown to the students. Later, the students were asked to create on their own on a given A-4 sheet. The students thoroughly enjoyed and took pride in their creation.

  • Admissions Open Pre Nursery Onwards